The Anatomy Of A Sales Email Campaign – ‘Pushing Buttons’ With Ron Douglas

It’s all well and good sending out single emails to your list, but they’re not going to make much impact unless they’re part of an email campaign. The tricky part is sending out multiple emails without each one being a bland repetition of the previous email in the campaign. There’s not much point in banging […]

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Turn Customer Feedback Emails Into Sales [Part 1]

This episode is a little different as we’re not talking about the emails you send to your subscribers, but instead the emails that they send to you. That’s right, we’re talking about how to get those customer feedback emails from your subscribers and what to do with them when you do. Fun FactThe Return Of […]

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Retargeting With Email Marketing – Scooping Up The Sales With Amy Bishop

Most people talk about retargeting as something you do with Facebook ads or Google ads, but actually, the original form of re-targeting was with email marketing. After working in all different departments in marketing including paid media, or as Amy calls it The Dark Side, Amy knows first-hand that most departments tend to keep to […]

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6 Techniques To Segment Your Email Subscribers

What’s the one thing you can do to understand your email subscribers better and make your list more profitable? Well, it’s segmentation of course! Segmentation is the email marketing trick that we all know we should be doing but we aren’t all doing it nearly as well as we could be, which means people are […]

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Writing The Perfect Welcome Email – Saying Hello With Gavin Bell

The very first welcome email in a sequence is something that a lot of us overlook a bit and probably take for granted. Usually, it’s a fairly simple email saying thank you for joining the list, which is nice, but are you really making the most of that welcome opportunity? When we first signed up […]

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7.5 Types Of Email Call To Action You’ll Actually Use

One of the really tricky parts of creating email content is how to effectively use the same call to action over and over again without it becoming bland. When you put an email together one of the most important things to do is make sure you have a single purpose, the one thing that you […]

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Email Content That Hits A Nerve – Journalism Hacks From Janet Murray

I know what you’re thinking, adding strong storytelling to your email content is easier said than done. That’s why we’ve pinned down Janet Murray… Janet has a great background in journalism, being a journalist for the best part of 20 years and writing for The Guardian and most other national newspapers. One of the big […]

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The Absolute Best Time To Send Emails

It’s the age-old question that we’re all asking… what is the best time to send emails? The completely unsatisfying answer to this question is that there officially isn’t a ‘best time of day’ to send your emails… BUT there will definitely be a better time to send for you and your market. We’ve got two […]

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email marketing strategy

The Email Marketing Strategy Every Business Should Steal

Even with all of the marketing channels available nowadays, email marketing is still the one generating the highest ROI for marketers, converting 40 times as many customers as social media. That’s why email marketing is the front runner when it comes to marketing your products and services to your audience, and why it’s so important […]

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Increase Your Email Open-Rates: 13 Email Subject Line Tips to Stand Out in An Overcrowded Inbox #2018

In a world where 269 billion emails get sent per day and the average person receives 121 of those, it can be difficult to stand out in their crowded inbox.

Email is a great free way to market your business, but how can you conquer the inbox?

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Email CTR: How to Boss Your Click Through Rate

How would you like to get more of your subscribers clicking on every link you send them? Yes that means increasing your email CTR.

In this article we give you a complete strategy to get your subscribers click-happy in no-time…

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