How To Get Your Marketing Questions Answered during ‘Hotline’ Q&A Calls

As you work on your email marketing and through various elements of our programmes, our Success Track and all of the resources, you’re going to have questions like:

  • Am I understanding this correctly…?
  • How does this particular thing work for my business, market, my setup or situation.
  • What would you advise I do next?
  • How do I make something work better?

And this is why we started hosting not one but two calls every month. But something strange happened….

At the end of every single call 100% of people confirmed that not only did they get their question answered but that they learned something even more valuable from our answer to someone else’s question

A question they would never have thought of asking.

So here’s the massive secret to success…

What If I Have No Questions?

This is the most important time to attend these calls and watch the recordings back.

Since literally everyone who attends our Hotline Q&A Calls tells us that the most valuable thing they learned from the call was from our answer to someone else’s question we dug into why that is.

The reason is simply that you didn’t know what to focus on and what question to ask to hear the most valuable thing you need right now.

The only reason you don’t have questions is because you don’t know what you should be asking, you don’t know what could be improved.

And the most interesting thing about this is that it usually happens when you’re hyper focused on something else.

It’s like you’re so focused on the thing you’re doing that you’re missing out on everything else that’s passing by.

Whether you have questions or not – join us on the Hotline calls.

Yes you can have your questions answered, yes you can connect and meet other like-minded businesses owners working on their email marketing at this level too, and yes you’ll learn things you hadn’t ever and, in the words of one member on our last call, would never have thought about.

This is how you quickly advance in your mastery of email marketing and make it easier and faster to get results.

How Do I Ask Questions?

It’s super simple. Just join us on the live call, we host two each month at different times of day to help you make it along (check the League Members Event Calendar).

We use Zoom for the calls because that shortens the learning curve for a lot of people and reduces tech fear – so you just type your questions into the chat box and we go through and answer them.

If we need more clarity, we’ll give you the choice to unmute and chat it through.

We tried allowing pre-submitted questions but we found that we always needed more clarity so our answers were never as complete and valuable, which we didn’t think was acceptable for you to get results so we take all questions live. 

What Can I Ask Questions About?

If it’s to do with making more sales of your products and services, you can ask us.

Maybe you’ve seen someone else doing something and you want to know how/why and if you should try it too.

Perhaps you’re wondering which campaigns you should be running, or what to do next?

Some folks come along with a sales funnel that’s not working, others want guidance on their offer and messaging.

Basically, our email marketing has one purpose: make more sales by having more impact. And we’ll help you in every way we can to make these as effective as possible.

What Do We Not Answer Questions About?

We get pissed off with so many ‘gurus’ out there selling you on the dream. We just cannot bring ourselves to do that. So we make a vow that we will not tell you what you want to hear, we will tell you the truth.

But since there’s more than a thousand email marketing services around, and around 15 mainstream ones these days, we are not experts in every system. 

There are plenty of free Facebook Groups and the platforms offer training and support.

So we do not answer Platform Specific questions. 

Can I Listen Back to Past Calls?

OMG Yes. There’s some gold on these calls. We put the full recordings of these into your Members’ Area and onto the Members’ Only Podcast so you can listen to them on the go.

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