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How Facebook Groups and Webinars Make Matthew Harrington a Happy Man

Is there a link between Facebook Groups, webinars, and email marketing? Can they all work together? We asked League member Matthew Huntington from the Behaviorist Book Club how he used his Facebook group to welcome new members and convert them into paying customers following our advice.

Matthew's story is phenomenal. He went from hardly being able to afford a monthly membership to hiring his first member of staff. After joining The League, he made some simple changes to his business that created a massive wave in results. (And in case you're wondering, we're talking about money and sales here!) 

You're going to want to take notes here! 


(0:24) Check out our brand new course - Group Loops. 
(4:03) Why did Matthew decide to join The League?
(7:50) Matthew's mind-blowing results with his Facebook group from using Group Loops.
(11:20) When did Matthew first get started with email marketing?
(12:24) How does Matthew feel about his Facebook group compared to how he felt before?
(14:44) The ONE action Matthew recommends you take in your business.
(16:31) What are the next steps for Matthew in his email marketing?
(20:10) Does Matthew feel like email marketing has taken over?
(22:11) Grab our new course - Group Loops. 
(23:23) Subject line of the week.

Check out our brand-new course Group Loops

Before we get into Matthew's story, we want to tell you about the course he used that was directly responsible for his success. It's called Group Loops, and it's our brand new programme. 

It’s a full multi-module course that gives you everything you need and allows you to build an incredible Facebook community to help you grow your email list and make more sales.

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The programme includes everything that works and cuts out everything that might be conventional wisdom but just doesn’t work. It’s available right now, so if you want to check out the details and build a Facebook group without having to pay for ads, here's the link.

Why did Matthew decide to join The League? 

Matthew Harrington has been in our membership for about six months. After trying out a few other memberships, he decided to stick around with us, and he's now in for the long haul! Matthew educates behavioural analysts and therapy professionals to continue their education. His primary product is a membership (a research library with resources, in fact), but he also has courses that funnel into his membership.

We remember a post that Matthew shared in our private community to say that he'd only been a member of The League for a couple of months (after initially thinking he couldn't afford it) and had already had some amazing results. 

Before joining us, Matthew had a revenue of $400-$500 per month from his membership. Understandably, he didn’t feel like he had a lot to spare, so when he joined our membership (based on our credibility alone), he took a huge risk by practically erasing his monthly profit!

And did it pay off? For sure! Within three weeks, Matthew implemented our webinar campaign and made multiple times his initial investment, and fixed his cash flow issue.

Matthew's mind-blowing results with his Facebook group from using Group Loops

One of the things that Matthew did was switch things around in his Facebook group after being one of the beta testers for our new programme Group Loops. Matthew remembers watching the entire course in one sitting in the middle of the night when we first released it. And the next morning he got up early and changed the whole direction of his Facebook group.

Before our course, Matthew was treating his Facebook group like you would a blog – people would come in, read something, and then leave. There was no community aspect to it, and Matthew was only sharing research articles but not encouraging any conversation.

Our course, however, gave Matthew permission to change things up and shift the focus from something that resembled a blog to something that looked like a community. And Matthew credits a lot of that to the 20+ post examples we shared in the course. The idea behind these is to make it fun and generate engagement and comments. As a result, Matthew's Facebook group started growing, and it's never stopped – he's now at 3,600 members!

Getting to his first 1,000 members before implementing our programme had felt like a slow, long grind for Matthew. There was no easy transition from Facebook group to sales for him. The fact he had a group of that size felt significant to him, but he wasn't able to tap into it. It was only when he adopted our tips that he started collecting more and more members. 

Moving people from your Facebook group to your email list

And what's even better is that Matthew is now able to add people from his Facebook group to his email list and direct them to his sales pages. He not only uses different types of posts in the group, but he's also automated the system that allows him to add people to his list when they first join the Facebook group and opt-in to download his lead magnet.

When did Matthew first get started with email marketing?

Before he joined The League, Matthew had come across another membership where daily email marketing was encouraged. So that's all that Matthew did – send regular emails with a sale in the PS. He had a nurture sequence, but he wasn't sure what he was doing with it.

When he heard about our campaigns, the concept appealed to Matthew. It felt like he could use email sequences to make move people along the customer journey and direct them from his email list to his sales page. Before working with us, Matthew had no method for doing that. But now email marketing is a significant part of his business.

How does Matthew feel about his Facebook group compared to how he felt before?

Since following the advice from Group Loops, Matthew started to allow his personality to show up more and share stories about his personal life. His posts turned from copying and pasting a research article and sharing a quick summary of it to telling stories about his life that he would then link to relevant research articles. His posts became more enjoyable.

Plus, Matthew started seeing more and more people move from his Facebook group to his email list and then convert. And the fun never stops when people convert! Everything Matthew's done in his Facebook group has had a knock-on effect on his email and his business revenue, which has continued to increase. 

Since implementing our tips, Matthew's business has been growing significantly, and he feels his audience is growing at probably double the rate it would do if the different processes in his business weren't connected like they now are. 

The Top 10 Books To 'Power Up' Your Email Marketing

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The ONE action Matthew recommends you take in your business

The one thing that had the most impact for Matthew was thinking through the connection between the different parts of the business. He was good at creating content, but he had no link between the Facebook group, the email list, and the blog, for example. There was no general flow.

As a result, he felt he would convert some people here and there, but there was no data, no measurement, or no real way of being able to say if one piece was working better than others. Now Matthew has found specific indicators that he can track to understand where he's converting. And this allows him to spot the strongest and weakest links in his business. 

Because of this, Matthew has gone from a place where he could barely afford to join a membership to hiring a member of staff! His Facebook group has been growing exponentially, his sales are more consistent, and he’s growing the business.

What are the next steps for Matthew in his email marketing?

Matthew is now working on creating a higher-ticket price course that he can upsell to his members. He also wants to create a consistent downstream where he collects more people from his lead magnets.

While growing his audience is still a focus, Matthew no longer buys into the false belief that you need X amount of people to make X amount of money. It's no longer about the size of his email list because he understands that there are more than enough people who are looking to buy his products and support his business.

Now it's more about showing value and focusing on how he can help people and convert them. It’s about making the most of the list he has. And when you have good systems in place and turn every subscriber into the most valuable subscriber they can be, you’re in a great spot.

How does Matthew feel about the growth he experienced since joining The League?

Before he implemented the first webinar campaign from The League, Matthew had never experienced that much success with a webinar. He went into it expecting to make enough to have a celebratory pizza with his wife, but he unexpectedly made $200 instead! And since then, he's experienced consistent growth.

So now he's all about designing campaigns and systems and building his email engine to allow people to continue to convert.

Does Matthew feel like email marketing has taken over?

Matthew now feels that email marketing is addicting. Because you're always thinking about building your next campaign, putting people through it, and analysing the results. Email marketing for Matthew has gone from an afterthought to a habit. It's something he does regularly every day, just like Kennedy when he writes his emails while his kettle boils, but it's not taken over his life. 

Having said that, Matthew admits that he’ll get itchy if a whole month has passed and he hasn’t implemented another campaign. And that's simply because he feels he’s leaving money on the table! In other words, seeing the results you can get from email marketing is what makes you prioritise it over something else because it's the one thing that gets you the best results! 

Grab our new course Group Loops

If you want to get your hands on the same resources that Matthew used to create incredible growth in his Facebook group (with more engagement and sales), check out our new course Group Loops.

The course breaks down our entire formula and all the different types of posts that Matthew talked about as well as the engagement strategy, when to post, how to grow the group, and a lot more. All this is included in massive detail inside this phenomenal course.

If you want to leverage your Facebook group without having to pay the increasing and constantly leaping prices of ads and grow an email list with people who already love you, this course tells you how.


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Subject line of the week

This week’s subject line is “Your marketing is undercooked.” Rob can’t even remember what the email was about, but the subject line worked because you’re taking an expression that people know and understand and applying it to something different.

The idea of undercooked food here has an undercurrent of something dangerous or unhealthy for you. So the fact that your marketing may be undercooked paints an interesting picture and generates curiosity. Try it out!

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