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Ideas To Build Your Email List

7 New Ideas To Build Your Email List In 2024 (With Extra Tips!)

What are the best ways to build your email list in 2024? What strategies are still relevant? Want to know what’s working and what isn’t? We’re Kennedy and Carrie, and you’re about to get a truckload of value from this episode. Guaranteed. Ready to take action and get some awesome results? Let’s do this! SOME […]

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The Truth About Email vs Social Media

Email Marketing vs Social Media (Why We Keep Ditching Our Social Media)

Social media vs email marketing. Is one better than the other? Want to know what we really think about all this?  And yes, we might be a bit biased towards email, but there are specific reasons why we keep ditching social media platforms – want to know what they are?  Let’s find out!  SOME EPISODE […]

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Build An Email List With A Facebook Group

How We Used A Facebook Group To Build Our Email List From Scratch

Facebook group, email list. Can you use one to grow the other? We certainly did. And here’s exactly how we built our email list to make the first $100k+ in this business in 12 months using a FREE Facebook group.  Want to know how you can do that too in your business?  Let’s dive in.  […]

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List Building? Use Traffic Loops

Stop Wasting So Much On List Building by Using Traffic Loops

What’s the secret to building email lists in less time? Well, it’s easy. If you want to save money and time with list building, you need to use Traffic Loops.  Want to know what that’s all about?  Let’s find out!  SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:11) Join our FREE Facebook Group. (5:22) You need both social media […]

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Have Success With Facebook Groups

How Facebook Groups and Webinars Make Matthew Harrington a Happy Man

Is there a link between Facebook Groups, webinars, and email marketing? Can they all work together? We asked League member Matthew Huntington from the Behaviorist Book Club how he used his Facebook group to welcome new members and convert them into paying customers following our advice. Matthew’s story is phenomenal. He went from hardly being […]

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Email Marketing Predictions 2023

Predictions of Email Marketing For 2023

What does the future hold for email marketing? What’s going to happen in the next year and beyond? As we crack open this brand-new 2023, let’s go and find out. Here are our predictions for email marketing in 2023.   Be warned – some of these things might change the way you view your marketing. […]

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Use Pinterest To Grow Your Email List

Tricks To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest – With Meagan Williamson

Can small business owners become awesome Pinterest marketers? Can you use Pinterest to bring more people into your world to increase the efficacy of your email marketing? And can you grow your email list through Pinterest? Meagan Williamson spills the beans about how to leverage Pinterest as a marketing platform and shares some super simple […]

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Behind The Scenes Of Our Own Business Strategy Session In Manchester

Behind The Scenes of our Business Strategy Session in Manchester

This week we’re giving you something a little different – something that has less to do with email marketing and a lot more to do with how to run a business strategy session for your business. And to help you do just that, we’re taking you behind the scenes of our own business strategy weekend […]

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How Martin And Lyndsay 10x'd Their Website Visitors In Less Than A Year, The Jammy Digital Way

Blogging for Email List Building with Martin and Lyndsay from Jammy Digital

Today on the podcast, we chat with our friends Martin and Lyndsay from Jammy Digital, who tell us all about using your blog and leveraging Google to build a whopper of an email list. So if you think blogging is dead, have tried and failed to start and maintain a blog (much like us), but want […]

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How To Decide Whether Your Messaging Should Change In A Crisis

How To Decide Whether Your Messaging Should Change in a Crisis

In today’s special episode, we want to share some strategic-thinking processes to help you decide whether your messaging should change in a crisis. When something big happens in the world, and it affects everyone on a large scale, it can seem like everyone has a strong opinion on it. So how can we make the […]

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Why Email Marketing Is Your Top Priority In 2022

Why Email Marketing is at the Top of the Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Do you want to know why email marketing is right at the top of the digital marketing trends for 2022? Let’s face it – if it isn’t already, email marketing needs to be the top priority for your business in 2022. Ready to find out why and (most importantly) what you can do to make […]

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Courageous Content With Janet Murray

Courageous Content with Janet Murray

Janet Murray is the Queen of Courageous Content. This week she’s back on the show as our first returning guest – talking about how to come up with content ideas to promote your products and services. So, are you ready to find out how to create courageous content, with the amazing Janet Murray? Grab pen […]

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How We Made Our First 6-Figures From A List Of Less Than 2,000 Subscriber

How We Made Our First 6-Figures From A List Of Less Than 2,000 Subscribers

This week we’re telling you all about how to make money from your email list. So if you have a small list (or you think you have a small list), don’t despair! We’re going to tell you exactly what you can do to make money from that.  Because guess what? We were rubbish at growing […]

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How To Use Email Subject Lines To Do More Than Get Your Emails Opened

How To Use Email Subject Lines To Do More Than Get Your Emails Opened

Email subject lines. What do they really do? Well, unfortunately, they don’t make you a nice cuppa or a slice of toast in the morning. But they can do a lot more than just get your emails open. In fact, in this episode, we show you how we’ve gone out of our way to prove […]

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How To Grow Your Email List Using Facebook Pages (Without Ads) - Rachel Miller Moolah Style!

How To Grow Your Email List Using Facebook Pages (Without Ads) – Rachel Miller Moolah Style!

Are Facebook pages dead? Is trying to grow your email list using Facebook the ultimate waste of your time? We asked Rachel Miller, a social media, organic growth strategist who has spoken at some of the industry’s largest events and is famous for her awesome Moolah programme. With over 90 million views to her website, […]

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