Why Email Marketing Is Your Top Priority In 2022

Why Email Marketing is at the Top of the Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Do you want to know why email marketing is right at the top of the digital marketing trends for 2022? Let's face it – if it isn't already, email marketing needs to be the top priority for your business in 2022.

Ready to find out why and (most importantly) what you can do to make sure you boost your sales and make more money in 2022? 

Let's do this! 


(3:46) Our incredible Keap offer!
(5:22) Email marketing is the highest ROI marketing activity you can do
(9:12) Email is the safest place to build your business.
(12:28) Email marketing helps you convert people into paying customers. 
(16:01) Email marketing has the shortest lead time in turning people into customers.
(17:23) There's money in your existing email list.
(19:54) Email marketing technology is moving forward - you don't want to miss out!
(21:02) How to get results from your email marketing in 2022.
(21:50) The price to join The League is going up!
(24:02) Subject line of the week.

Email marketing is the highest ROI marketing activity you can do 

That's right. It's as simple as that. Email marketing is the highest ROI (return-on-investment) marketing activity you can do.

None of the other marketing strategies out there – social media marketing, video marketing, content marketing, events, speaking, podcasting, or anything in between – will give you a whopping $42 ROI for every $1 you spend. That’s an insane amount! And, according to the experts, that's just an average!

When it comes to our business, for every subscriber on our email list we earn $12 per month. To figure this out, we look at the number of people who are on our email list, calculate the amount of income and sales we make, and divide one number by the other.

That gives us how much each subscriber is worth to us. We call it Earnings per Subscriber per Month (or EPSPM). And knowing how much we make per subscriber every month tells us how much we can afford to pay in order to get somebody on our email list. But also, it tells us how long we're going to be out of pocket before we break even and then make a profit.

So with these kinds of numbers, should you try and skimp on the marketing automation platform you choose for your small business, for example? No! Of course, we all want a great deal – no one wants to pay more than they should. But you also need to find the most effective way to do email marketing. If you're going to shoot for that $1 in, $42 out ROI, you want the best tools for the job. Because not all of the marketing platforms out there have the technology you need.

Email is the safest place to build your business

So that's the financial side of things. But another reason you want to focus on email marketing for your business growth in 2022 is to protect yourself. That's right. Because you just can't rely on social media! There's a lot of turmoil around social media platforms. What if they all disappeared? What if you get kicked out of your social media account?

We definitely saw in 2021 how all the biggest social media channels had outages and went down (most of them at the same time). When that happens, that leaves you with no way to communicate with your audience. Of course, your email marketing platform could go down too. But it's likely to get back up quickly because the problems and teams tend to be smaller. 

Another valid reason to prioritise email marketing is that you own the data – something that's not the case with social media. If you ever had a problem, you could download all your subscribers and send them an email from elsewhere. You can keep a backup of your data because it's yours! Plus, it's safe and it’s protected.

Are we saying you should come off all social media? Not at all! Far from it. Definitely use social media to build your audience. But then point your audience to your email list. That's the place where you nurture that audience and sell.

And also, don't forget to use your email list to send people back to your social media content. It helps you make it more effective. We post content both via social media (our Facebook group in particular) and via email. And that helps us boost results. But by far, the safest place to build your business is by email.

The Top 10 Books To 'Power Up' Your Email Marketing

10 book recommendations that will improve all areas of your email marketing (including some underground treasures that we stumbled upon which have been game-changing for us).

Email marketing helps you convert people into paying customers

Another reason why you should prioritise email marketing in 2022 is that it takes care of conversion for you. Let's explain this with a little analogy. Imagine you have a dinner plate in front of you – that represents your business. And to run it at the scale you want to run it at, you need three things on your plate:

  1. Build an audience. You can do that using social media platforms and use those as your discovery channel. You get people who haven't heard of you before to find you. Great.
  2. Conversion. Then you want to convert that audience into actual paying customers. 
  3. Delivery. For us, that means showing up to support our members inside The League of Email Marketing Heroes – our membership. It’s where we deliver our service to our customers.

With these three elements on your business plate to look after, there's no wonder you're so busy! But by focusing on email marketing you get to take conversion off your business plate. And the way to do that is by creating a series of email automations and showing up regularly with frequent emails. 

Once you've taken care of conversion through your email marketing, you can focus more of your time on building an audience and serving your customers. Or you can use that gap on the plate (i.e. that time you've freed up) for you – to do the things you love with the people you love. How about that?

Email marketing has the shortest lead time in turning people into customers

Email marketing has the shortest lead time when turning strangers into customers than any other digital marketing strategy. You get a faster return, on average, than with anything else – especially when compared to social media or running ads.  

Let’s think about ads for a moment. Whether it's Google ads or social media ads, a lot of people who click on your ad will bounce back without buying at first. You’ll have to re-target them for a while before they buy from you. There's definitely a period of time in between someone sees your ad and buys. And depending on what you sell, this can be weeks, months, or even longer!

Whereas with email, on average we turn a new subscriber into a paying customer within 9-15 days. It takes a bit longer for some people, but it’s not weeks or months. That means we get a much faster ROI. And that’s important because the longer you're out of pocket, the more trouble you could get into as a business. We all know you need good cash flow, right?   

There is money in your existing email list

You must have heard us say this before, but there's money in your email list. No matter what you sell or how small your existing list is, there's money in there. 

We know this is true because we see it with people inside The League. We see them take some of the email campaigns we teach our members, run them to the list they already have, and make sales.

Yes, the people on your email list are already in your world – they know what you sell and at what price. By emailing them, you’re not telling them something they don’t already know. But if you don't, they’re not just going to suddenly buy. They won't take action just because they're on your list. Not unless you do something. 

They need to hear from you and from a different angle – one they haven’t heard before. Because at some point the penny will drop, and the desire to buy your product becomes higher than the pain of investing in it. If you have people on your list who haven’t bought from you yet, know that there's money in your list.

And isn’t that amazing? That you can use what you already have without having to add more subscribers or do more work on social media? In the space of a few hours, you could boost your sales from your existing list!

Email marketing technology is moving forward

Another reason why email marketing sits at the very top of the digital marketing trends for 2022 is that technology is moving forward. While some people claim that email marketing is dead, others are developing amazing technology, like rich content and email AMP, for example.

There’s a lot of exciting and powerful stuff going on in the world of email marketing. And if you’re already so busy that you feel you have no time, email marketing is the strategy with the biggest impact on sales and profits without having a huge impact on your time. In fact, focusing on email marketing will eat up less of your time than other activities. Email marketing will make you more money from what you already have without investing additional time into it.

Get results from your email marketing in 2022

Think about what your business and life would look like right now if you made email a priority at the start of 2021. Would you have achieved everything you wanted by just investing a few hours a week into it? Would you be making more sales? And would you be better at email marketing? You’d probably find it a lot easier by now, too. If you're reading this, you know email marketing is important. And by making it a priority in 2022, you could be answering yes to all those questions in a year's time! 

So how are you going to get results from your email marketing in 2022? If you want consistent sales from your email marketing, check out the library of trialled and tested email sequences inside our membership, The League. Our campaigns are specifically designed to help you to sell more courses, bring in new members to your programmes, or win you more coaching clients – all while using our psychology-driven marketing. On top of our training videos, we also do a couple of coaching calls every month to answer your questions and apply what we teach specifically to your business.

So make sure you check it out now because the price for new members is going up at the end of January 2022. But if you join before then, you'll take advantage of the existing price and keep that for as long as you remain a member. 


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Subject line of the week

We always talk about subject lines that tread the line between being clickbait-y enough to make people pay attention and read but without making them feel tricked when they do. So this week's subject line is “Can we get on a call?” followed by the phone emoji.

The content was around the fact we added a bonus to a deal we were running where we were offering a free group coaching call if you bought the course then. The call would be a chance for us to answer any questions about the training. So that's what the email was about and “Can we get on a call?” was the subject line that went with it. 

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