The Big Question - Should You Sell In Every Email?

The Big Question – Should You Sell In Every Email?

It's the question we all ask when we think about our email marketing strategy, is it okay to sell in every email?

How do you ensure there’s a really good balance of sales and value in your emails without taking away from your ability to sell?

What if we told you that you can use every single email you send as a sales opportunity without being pitchy and p*ssing your list off…

This episode we're going into some of the strategies that we use to make selling with email easy and natural, and at the same time dish out plenty of awesome content for your list to devour.

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Should You Sell In Every Email?

Episode Content

  • (2:48) You’re wasting a huge opportunity!
  • (4:25) Are you pushing people away from you?
  • (5:15) People have a better relationship with a character on tv than they do with you.
  • (6:15) Receiving your emails brightens people’s day!
  • (7:47) Are you ready for your close-up?
  • (10:25) Open a loop in the mind and get people to lean into it.
  • (12:15) Do you have hyper-responders?
  • (13:10) Fancy a cup of tea? Sure, just head down to the butchers ?
  • (14:16) How to send value in emails 365 days a year, and make people love you.
  • (16:20) You’re my hero!
  • (18:02) Big people up and leverage that for sales content, without being pitchy.
  • (19:40) Turn email content into social engagement, then turn that into sales!
  • (23:42) Listener’s question
  • (27:35) Subject line of the week from Ryan Deiss

Subject Line Of The Week

Listeners Question

For me, curiosity-based subject lines work really well for eCommerce but when trying to nurture and build a genuine relationship with your list would you agree that curiosity-based subject lines are a little bit sneaky, and do more harm than good in the long run?

Alex Thompson – ACT Copywriting

Rob: I actually love really blind curiosity-based subject lines. And I find that generally for opens, clicks, and sales they typically out-perform the really benefit-driven subject lines. For me, if I can use a subject line like ‘Llama for sale’ that gets better reactions, even though the thing in the email is nothing to do with llamas. The truth is because people coming into my list know that my subject lines are going to be a little bit different, and they are going to be a little crude and crazy they come to expect that from me. So, if your style is a little more professional and strait-laced and you suddenly start using whacky curiosity-based subject lines then that may harm your results.

Kennedy: I actually prefer to mix it up. One of the things we can all get trapped into is using the same methodology across everything and becoming too formulaic. It is important to learn how to stand out in the inbox, so if you only ever use curiosity-driven subject lines then your list will become blind to them, so it’s important to mix it up. Curiosity is just one tool, and you should be using all the tools in your tool belt.

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