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How To Create An Effective Lead Magnet Email Sequence That Gets Your Subscribers To LOVE You!

Do you use a lead magnet to grow your email list? Does the strategy work for you? How can you make it work even better? We're Kennedy and Carrie, and today we're sharing how to create a lead magnet sequence that will get your subscribers to love you.

And grow your list.

And your business.



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(2:46) Treat your lead magnets with reverence. 
(5:15) Don't deliver your lead magnet on your Thank You page 
(7:00) Create an awesome lead magnet consumption sequence. 
(11:38) Use your consumption sequence to make people love you. 
(15:38) Your lead magnet sequence is different from your Welcome sequence.
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(18:57) Subject line of the week.

Treat your lead magnets with reverence

You probably put a lot of work into creating a lead magnet. But then you released it into the world, remembered it's free, and failed to build it up. You didn't treat it with reverence.

Treat your lead magnets with reverence, even if they're free. Because people pay for them with their email addresses – and that's currency. Invest in selling your lead magnets because you spent time and effort creating valuable resources, and if you don't treat them as valuable, people in your audience won't care enough to give you their email addresses. They might still download the lead magnet, but they might do it with a fake or disposable email address, which is useless to you.

How do you avoid that? On your registration page, be clear and explicit and ask people to give you their email addresses so you know where to send the lead magnet. This tells them you're going to email them the resource.

Also, don't deliver your lead magnet on the Thank You page immediately after opt-in. If you do, people are more likely to use fake email addresses. This also this gives you the chance to use your Thank You page as real estate for something else to move someone one step forward in the journey with you. You could send a link to join your community, a Welcome video, or something of extra value, for example.

Remember that we all read emails on the go, so losing the Thank You page (and the lead magnet) is easily done if someone's distracted by something else. And when people don't receive the lead magnet they thought they downloaded, you're going to end up with customer service issues or have people forget about you. You don't want that.

Create an awesome lead magnet consumption sequence

Once you’ve sent people their lead magnet, you need to encourage them to go and check it out. You do that via a consumption sequence.

Why is this important? Because people in your audience may have seen your lead magnet somewhere (advertised or organically) and decided to give you their email address to download it. But what happens if they don't look at the email? If they never open the email and see or use the lead magnet, you haven't moved your relationship with that person any further. The point of having a lead magnet is to begin a relationship with your subscribers by showing them a little sample of what your solution is. 

Your consumption sequence is the email campaign that shows people how good your lead magnet is even if they never look at it. It encourages people to go and look at the lead magnet they downloaded. And you do that by telling people about some of the things that are inside your lead magnet.

If your resource is a checklist, for example, pull out a point from it and tell them more about that. As you send more emails as part of your consumption campaign, tell them more. After all, you don't need to keep the content of the lead magnet close to your chest or be vague about it – they've got the whole thing in their inbox already! But the emails you send them will show them that your lead magnet is good, and they'll be more likely to go and check it out in full.

If they don't check out your lead magnet, they've at least read your emails. They're going to learn how good your resource is even if they never looked at it. And that allows you to deepen your relationship with that subscriber by proving how good your content is. This will also improve your reputation when they talk to other people about you and your resources.

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Use your consumption sequence to make people love you

A great lead magnet sequence also allows you to establish leadership. You're leading people into taking direction from you – to click and consume your content and see you as an authority. Your sequence gets people clicking, consuming, and checking things out. This helps your deliverability and gets people closer to your sales message. Use this sequence to also tell people what the next action you want them to take is.

People don’t fall in love with content – they fall in love with you. They’re willing to give your content a go because of how they feel about you. So include tangible things and facts about you in your emails because that's what people remember. They'll start associating you with the things you love, and that's what makes you memorable. Rarely are people commenting on content or asking us to clarify anything – they talk about the fun and quirky things they remember about us. So weave facts about you in your emails to show your personality.

Your lead magnet sequence is different from your Welcome sequence

A lot of people confuse the Welcome sequence with the lead magnet sequence. But they're not the same thing! Our Welcome email campaign is called The Getting To Know You sequence, and it’s a simple and powerful sequence that gets you the audience to know, like, and trust you and fall in love with you. That’s the point of it.

The Welcome and consumption campaign may run in parallel, but the first email people must receive when they download your lead magnet shouldn't be your Welcome email! First, they should get the email that delivers the lead magnet. Then 20-30 minutes later, you can send them the first email of your Welcome sequence. Our campaign tells people which email they're receiving (1 out of 4, 2 out of 4, etc.), so people know that the emails are connected. The emails from the lead magnet consumption sequence are a couple of days staggered apart, but on some days people might get two emails (from the two campaigns). This isn't so many that they feel you're bombarding them, but it's enough for you to nurture the relationship.

Remember – the Welcome sequence and the lead magnet consumption sequence are running in parallel, but they’re not the same. Don't make this mistake because the two campaigns have different functions. To help your subscribers compartmentalise and understand this difference and avoid confusion, separate the emails. You want people to approach these emails with different ways of thinking – one campaign is about getting the lead magnet they wanted, while the other one is about getting to know you more.

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Subject line of the week

This week’s subject line is “Have you ever…?” This email was about asking people whether they ever experienced a particular problem and then telling them we’ve got a solution for that (which we teach inside our programme). You may recognise that the idea of the subject line came from the drinking game “Never have I ever”, and you could use that phrase too in a subject line – it would work well. It’s all about tapping into a cultural thing everyone knows about. The subject line works because it triggers curiosity. So check it out!

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