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How To Write More Personalised Emails – Getting Friendly With Mike Filsaime


Email marketing is an amazing way for you to speak directly to your subscribers, and sending personalised emails is how you build real relationships with your customers.

But how do you send real personal emails to a list of sometimes thousands of people?

Mike Filsaime is on The Email Marketing Show talking about the techniques he uses to write authentic emails in a voice that sells without being ‘sales-ey’!

How To Write More Personalised Emails

Episode Content

  • (1:50) Fun fact with Mike Filsaime
  • (3:28) How to write emails in a conversational style.
  • (5:20) Why the ‘cocktail party’ email copy test should replace your customer avatar.
  • (7:57) Lose the hyped-up language and show your list some respect.
  • (9:35) What are the main horror stories to avoid when writing your emails?
  • (11:43) What’s the process for eliminating the hype?
  • (13:19) How do you stay conversational without totally losing the idea of making sales?
  • (15:21) How many links can you put in your emails while sticking with the ‘cocktail party’ style?
  • (15:45) Your subject line needs to fall in line with the style and content of the body of your email.
  • (18:30) Subject line of the week with Mike Filsaime

Subject Line Of The Week

Watch the full episode right here.

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