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How To Use Email Tags And Custom Fields – We’re ALL Doing It Wrong With Neil Kristianson

how to use email tags

Everybody has their own way of organising the email tags and segments within their email marketing system, but is there a right way and a wrong way?

Surely if there was a better way to do it that would speed up your processes and make your email marketing more effective, you’d want to know, right?

We’ve caught up with Neil Kristianson of Email Splat to talk about tags and custom fields, and what we should be doing inside our email marketing platform to get our contacts organised and make a lot more sense of it all.

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How To Use Email Tags And Custom Fields

Episode Content

  • (2:25) Funny fact with Neil Kristianson
  • (4:01) The majority of email accounts are a bit of a mess inside after people get ’tag-happy’, Neil explains.
  • (5:28) ‘Tags are temporary, and fields are forever’. The difference between the two and what the benefits are.
  • (6:06) Looking at an example usage of when to use tags and when to use custom fields within a campaign.
  • (9:08) Using custom fields instead of tags to record the stages of a campaign or sales funnel a person is and why that is so beneficial.
  • (11:09) The practical stages of updating fields and applying tags, an example of how (and why) to do it.
  • (13:32) How to use tags and categories to segment people based on their interests.
  • (16:14) Setting up triggers to enter subscribers into specific email automations.
  • (19:24) Subject line of the week with Neil Kristianson

Subject Line Of The Week

Watch the full episode right here.

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