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Best Email Marketing Platform

The Best Email Marketing Platform For Small Businesses (And The Ones You Want To Avoid At All Costs!)

What’s the best email marketing platform for your small business? Are some better than others? Will any of them do? Let’s find out. The email marketing platform we use and recommend – Keap People always ask what the best email marketing platform is. And the one we’ve been using as a business for more than […]

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Cross-selling and upselling

What The Heck Are Cross-Selling and Upselling, And How Can You Use Them In Your Email Marketing To Skyrocket Your Sales?

Ever heard the terms cross-selling and upselling and wondered what they have to do with email marketing? Aren’t these ‘marketing things’ that happen at checkout? Can you even do cross-selling and upselling with email marketing? Oh yes, you can. And when you use these strategies in the right way in your business, you’ll start making […]

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Email deliverability

Stop Landing In The Spam Folder & Immediately Skyrocket Your Email Deliverability – With Brian Minick

Do you know how many of the email addresses on your list are invalid? What happens when your subscribers mark your emails as spam rather than unsubscribing? How can you improve your sender reputation and your email deliverability? And did you know that you’re losing approximately 22% of your subscribers every single year?  We discuss […]

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6 Amazing Things The Best Marketing Email Platforms Can Now Do

6 Things You Didn’t Know Your Email Marketing Platform Could Do

What if your email marketing platform could do more than you think it can? What if there was a super simple way for you to do some things that sound very technical – and something that only big companies with huge budgets could do? Well, we’re here to show you 6 amazing things that the […]

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Made $90k With Automated Webinars

How Brad Brown Made $90k By Automating Webinars

Do you run live webinars and promote them through your email marketing? Have you ever thought about switching to automated webinars? Oh, the possibilities… You see – one of our members, Brad Brown, went from running two live webinars a week to an automated one. And here he shared the story of how he made […]

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Email Marketing Automation Mistakes

Mistakes You’re Making With Your Email Marketing Automation Strategy

Do you feel confident about your email marketing automation strategy? In the work we do, we see people make some common mistakes when running email campaigns, which is why inside our membership The League we teach people how to make their email automation simple by using something we call the email engine. Want to find out […]

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The Three Types Of Email Campaigns

The Only Email Marketing Campaign Types You’ll Ever Need

Did you know there are only THREE email marketing campaign types you’ll ever need to know about and use in your business? That’s right. Inside our membership The League we have more than 30 email campaigns that our members can literally copy and deploy in their own businesses. But they all come down to these […]

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Launched One Campaign And Made $10,000

How A League Member Made Over $10k With Just ONE Email Campaign – Case Study With Aidan O’Sullivan

Want to find out how League member Aiden O’Sullivan made over $10,000 using our price increase email template? That’s right – Aidan, who is an entertainer magician by trade and also supports other entertainers, implemented our Price Hike campaign and made £9,000 in just a few days.  Want to know how email marketing changed his […]

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Mistakes That Almost Got Me Fired

Email Mistakes That Almost Got Me Fired (Avoid These) – With Chris Davis

Did you ever set up an email marketing campaign and forget to write the email? Or sent the wrong email to the wrong people? We’ve made loads of email marketing mistakes in our time, and today’s guest Chris Davis from Automation Bridge shares his. Having trained internationally, Chris has a collective portfolio of $200 million […]

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Warning: 6 Lies Your Email Marketing Platform Is Telling You

Warning: 6 Lies Your Email Marketing Platform Is Telling You

Email marketing platforms make some things super easy to do. But just because some features exist or are set up in a certain way, it doesn’t mean they’re right! There are things that email marketing platforms put in front of you that damage your mindset and perspective on email marketing. Things that are bad for […]

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Why Email Marketing Is Your Top Priority In 2022

Why Email Marketing is at the Top of the Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Do you want to know why email marketing is right at the top of the digital marketing trends for 2022? Let’s face it – if it isn’t already, email marketing needs to be the top priority for your business in 2022. Ready to find out why and (most importantly) what you can do to make […]

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How To Pick An Email Automation System

How to Pick an Email Automation System

We get asked this question all the time. What’s the best email automation system? How do you pick one? And you might be surprised, but there’s not one single universal answer to this question!  So… want to know exactly what you need to do when you’re looking for the best email marketing platform for your […]

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Special 100th Episode: A Week In The Life At Email Marketing Heroes

SPECIAL 100TH EPISODE: A Week in The Life at Email Marketing Heroes (Behind The Scenes with Rob & Kennedy)

We have reached 100 episodes of The Email Marketing Show! Whoop! To celebrate we (Rob and Kennedy) have recorded a very special behind-the-scenes episode – a week in the life here at Email Marketing Heroes.  We talk about what we do on Sundays (Kennedy), Mondays, and Wednesdays, how we build our campaigns, how we write […]

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Build a Facebook Group to Build Your Email List with Arne Giske from Group Funnels

Build A Facebook Group To Build Your Email List With Arne Giske From Group Funnels

Our latest guest, Arne Giske is an absolute master of community and conversion, growing a Facebook group of his to over 80k people and making 7-figures along the way. We’ve always believed that building a community and email marketing go hand in hand, so we just had to get Arne on the show to help […]

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Make People Realise How Awesome Your Products Are - Use Email To Boost Consumption with Erik Stafford

Make People Realise How Awesome Your Products Are – Use Email To Boost Consumption with Erik Stafford

Someone’s just bought your online course…yay! But now what?  Do you just leave them to it and never speak to them again, after your generic “thank you” email?  Well, that’s what most people do… But, if your current customers could become your biggest advocates, spreading the word about you to the world and repeatedly bought […]

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