As you may have heard, my business partner Robert Temple, was sentenced this week for a crime involving some of his personal actions. I want to assure you that this did not involve any part of the business. In fact, our business was never under any investigation.

One of the most important concerns I understand you might have, is about the security of your data. I want to emphasize that your financial data is not processed or held by us. You are inputting this information directly into the Stipe portal. Stripe then ensures “all data associated with financial accounts is encrypted in transit and at rest” Here’s what Stripe say about this: https://support.stripe.com/questions/how-does-stripe-help-my-business- keep-users-financial-account-information-secure?locale=en-GB. Likewise, when you connect our Automate Hero tool to your 3rd party email marketing platform, we do not have access to any information that could mean your data being compromised at our end.

I totally understand you will have questions, as I did when I first heard. I want to sincerely thank you for your patience, while I’ve taken this week to handle the whole mix of emotions I’m feeling. Honesty and integrity have been pillars for how this business is run – and will continue to be run. So, I invite you to please send any questions you have to questions@emailmarketingheroes.com. We will address them and use them to understand your needs and concerns.

Aidan and I are dedicated to your business, that will not change. Our amazing team has kept working all week. As a small group, we are committed to giving you excellent service and excited for content we’ve got planned for our members.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. Kennedy

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