The Anatomy Of A Sales Email Campaign - 'Pushing Buttons' With Ron Douglas

The Anatomy Of A Sales Email Campaign – ‘Pushing Buttons’ With Ron Douglas

It’s all well and good sending out single emails to your list, but they’re not going to make much impact unless they’re part of an email campaign. The tricky part is sending out multiple emails without each one being a bland repetition of the previous email in the campaign.

There’s not much point in banging your subscribers over the head with the same email every day trying to get them to buy something, it’s just not going to work! That’s why we’ve caught up with Ron Douglas to find out the secret to moving people forward and get them closer to a purchase.

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Benefits Of An Email Campaign
How Many Ways Can You Sell The Same Product?
Email Campaign Structure
Ramp Up Your Email Frequency
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Fun Fact

Ron has sold over 1.5 million cookbooks which is amazing in itself, but made even more amazing when you find out that up until recently Ron was spelling the word ‘recipes' incorrectly!

ron douglas email campaign

The Benefits Of An Email Campaign

A lot of people make the mistake of promoting something new or different every day, but that never really gives you the chance to really put a campaign around any one thing.

But if you put together a sequence of 5-7 emails that just focus on one thing for the whole week, then it gives you a chance to talk about 5-7 different benefits of your product and at least one of those benefits will touch a hot button for your subscribers.

This way you’re giving yourself multiple chances to hit a home-run and hit on something that really connects with people, and also by running a campaign about a single product you’re showing people that you’re really behind what you’re offering, you’re really serious about it, and they should be too.

How Many Ways Can You Sell The Same Product?

Here are some product benefits you can use to angle your emails:

Speed – how fast they'll be able to achieve their goals.
Stature – how people will view you after the product helps position you as an expert.
Opportunity – how easy it will make their life afterward.

If you’re struggling to think of different angles for the emails in your promotion campaign a great strategy is to think of any objections people may have to buying, and then overcome those objections with the bonuses and key benefits of the product.

There are many different benefits you can use to angle your emails in terms of what the product does for people, then you can tie it back to how they can envision themselves succeeding afterward and how their life and business will improve through those product benefits.

The Email Campaign Structure

At the beginning of the promotional email campaign, you should start out by talking about the opportunity that the product will give them. This is like an emotional approach because you’re asking people to imagine what the results might be for them.

Then you can delve into the individual benefits of the product and how those benefits will impact them and impact their business, you can talk about why they should have the product and what immediate results they will see.

It’s really helpful if you have some case studies and social proof of your product to use in the middle of your campaign. If your subscribers can see, read, and hear about how others have succeeded then they’ll be pushed one step closer to purchasing.

And then towards the end of the campaign, you want to get into the topic of why they don’t want to miss out. This is where scarcity and urgency can come into play, you’ve already been through all the benefits and results and now you’re letting them know that now is the time to buy.

Ramp Up Your Email Frequency

Email frequency is a controversial topic, some people say hammering emails out is the best tactic to sell and some say it’s the best way to break up with your subscribers.

So, what’s the best tactic for email frequency when it comes to these promotional email campaigns?

During the campaign, it’s best to send emails daily but then don’t be afraid to send two emails out in those last couple of days before the promotion ends.

A cool tactic for sending out two emails in one day without seeming pushy is to send the first email as a teaser. The teaser email should be content-based and then your second email will be the big reveal!

Subject Line Of The Week

email campaign subject line

This has been the best performing subject line of the year for Ron! The subject line performed so well because it was unusually out of character for Ron and his audience just couldn't help checking it out when it landed in their inbox.

On Your High Horse With Ron Douglas

Watch the full episode right here.

If you want to find out more about Ron you can head over to his Facebook to connect or if you want to take a peek at Ron's free web class you can grab that at rondouglas.com/class

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