Retargeting With Email Marketing - Scooping Up The Sales With Amy Bishop

Retargeting With Email Marketing – Scooping Up The Sales With Amy Bishop

Most people talk about retargeting as something you do with Facebook ads or Google ads, but actually, the original form of re-targeting was with email marketing.

After working in all different departments in marketing including paid media, or as Amy calls it The Dark Side, Amy knows first-hand that most departments tend to keep to their own strategy and rarely know what the other is working on.

This means that a lot of the time departments are potentially duplicating their retargeting and spending money on ads that might not be needed if you let your email marketing do the hard work first!

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Fun Fact

The first time Amy went to eat sushi she was a good few edamame pods deep by the time someone told her you're just supposed to eat the beans, not the full pod! Don't worry Amy, we don't think it's that bad.

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Where Does Email Fit Into The Retargeting Process?

If you have a really good email campaign and it’s converting people into sales, you want to do everything that you can to maintain that momentum.

Your email marketing is a sunk cost, you’ve already spent that money, but I still see a lot of paid media campaigns that are competing with email for that lead sale.

If you know that your email marketing converts well, you don’t want to spend money on paid media to get sales that you would have got through email anyway.

Building The Email Marketing Retargeting Strategy

I like to start by creating a matrix of what’s working well and what’s not working well across all campaigns across all channels.

In two quadrants you’ll have high volume, low CPL, high return on ad spend (working well) then another two quadrants for low volume and low return (not working well).

This is so valuable because it means you can start to map out what your actions will be from other channels to support or boost these email campaigns.

The cardinal rule is don’t cannibalise what’s already working, especially if it’s coming through a less expensive channel.

Subject Line Of The Week

email subject line

Amy's favourite subject lines are the ones that are clear and concise about the problem they solve or the offer they're making. This is one she received from a local pharmacy around Halloween and it includes all the elements that make a great subject line!

On Your High Horse With Amy Bishop

Watch the full episode right here.

If you want to find out more about Amy you can head over to her website cultivativemarketing.com or find her over on Twitter.

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