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Write Better Emails

The Little Tricks To Write Better Emails That AREN’T Boring!

How can you write better emails? Do you think your emails are boring? Do you need to be funny? Or should you try and be more interesting? And if so, how? We’re Kennedy and Carrie, and we’re sharing the little things you can do to make your email marketing less boring. Ready? Then buckle up! […]

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Email Deliverability

The Truth About All The Surprising Things That REALLY Impact Your Email Deliverability

How do you improve your email deliverability? What can damage your sender’s reputation? How can you make sure your emails land in your subscribers’ inboxes? We’re Kennedy and Carrie, and we’re here to share the truth about all the surprising things that affect your email deliverability so you can have better results. Ready? SOME EPISODE […]

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email marketing trends for 2024

What’s NEW In Email Marketing? Check Out These Hot Email Marketing Trends For 2024

What’s the latest in the email marketing world? Let’s find out about the email marketing trends for 2024 and beyond. What can we all do to make our emails work even better for our businesses? (And yes, we’ll talk about AI, but probably in the way you expect us to).  Ready to go?  SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: […]

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Master Your Metrics – Unleashing The Power Of Email Marketing Analytics

Do you track any email marketing metrics? How can you use your email marketing analytics to improve your email marketing? If this is a topic you’ve been avoiding, the great news is that looking at metrics, understanding them, and using them to your advantage isn’t as hard as it might sound. Just collect the right data, […]

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Sales Email Campaign

Everything You Need To Know About Running Your Most Successful Sales Email Campaign To Date (And Improve Your Email Marketing)

How do you run the perfect sales email campaign? Should you try and sell in every email you send? When do you send live, broadcast emails and when do you create automated campaigns? These are only some of the questions we answer for you today. And we’re willing to bet you can’t wait to get […]

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Latest Gmail Update December 2023

Does The Latest Gmail Update (December 2023) Mean The End Of Your Email Marketing?

Is the latest Gmail update (December 2023) going to kill your email marketing for good? Everyone’s reacting to this update like it’s the big apocalypse of email marketing. But is that true? Let’s talk about whether this update does or doesn’t affect you, and how you can go about it.  Ready to find out the […]

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Email deliverability

Stop Landing In The Spam Folder & Immediately Skyrocket Your Email Deliverability – With Brian Minick

Do you know how many of the email addresses on your list are invalid? What happens when your subscribers mark your emails as spam rather than unsubscribing? How can you improve your sender reputation and your email deliverability? And did you know that you’re losing approximately 22% of your subscribers every single year?  We discuss […]

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What To Do About Your Unsubscribe Rate

What to do if you have a high unsubscribe rate

What do you do if you have a high unsubscribe rate? What is a high unsubscribe rate, and does it even matter? Or should we simply focus on addressing any spikes in unsubscribers instead? We hear so many people telling us they put in a lot of work to build their list just to see their […]

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Why We Started An Email Marketing Agency

Why We Started an Email Marketing Agency

Did you know we started an email marketing agency? If you didn’t, you’re about to find out why we started one, who it’s for, and how it could help you. So if you’re curious to find out whether we could take care of your email marketing for you, read on (or click play to listen!) […]

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Why You Shouldn't Worry About Your Unsubscribe Rate

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Your Unsubscribe Rate

Do you worry about your unsubscribe rate? Do you obsessively log into your email marketing software to check it and then panic over it? If you do, you need to stop that. Your unsubscribe rate is actually a good thing! Want to know why? Let’s find out! SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (2:48) Fancy a 14-day FREE […]

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Using Email Marketing To Build A Profitable Business - With Gisele St Hilaire A Member Of The League

Using Email Marketing to Build a Profitable Business – a Success Story from a Member of The League

In today’s episode, we do something a little bit different and share a success story from one of the members of The League – Gisele St. Hilaire. Gisele is a certified FeldenkraisⓇ practitioner and Assistant Trainer and the founder of Sunyata Movement Studio Inc. In other words, she helps people overcome pain and injury! Isn’t […]

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Is Email Marketing Dead?

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Is email marketing dead?  We hear this quite a bit. And it’s understandable. People might be thinking email marketing dead, dying, or at least limping. We’ve got all these social media platforms, Messenger marketing, SMS, push notifications in apps all fighting for attention. So where does email fit it?  Well, let’s find out – shall […]

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How To Say 'No' To Extending An Expired Offer

How to Say ‘No’ to Extending An Expired Offer

Limited-time offers, also known as urgency-bound or scarcity-bound offers. We all know what they are. A flash sale, a bundle, an offer with a discount, something that expires at a particular time… Deals like these are all around us – they come in all shapes and sizes. But what do you do when someone gets […]

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How To Email Your-Abandoned List

How to Email Your Abandoned Email List

You’ve abandoned your subscribers. You sent them the freebie they signed up for or the product they bought, but you haven’t emailed them in ages. They’ve forgotten about you. So how do you reactivate an email list? How do you go back to emailing your poor abandoned subscribers and keep them engaged and happy?  Well, […]

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How To Improve Your Email Marketing - The 8 Unexpected Skills You Need

How To Improve Your Email Marketing – The 8 Unexpected Skills You Need

We all want to do better at email marketing, don’t we? But how? Well, the good news is that we all learn skills along the way – in previous jobs and careers, through courses, or even hobbies. And some of these skills can come in very handy when it comes to helping your email marketing […]

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