Make Yourself Choosable

Making Yourself Choosable with Belinda Weaver

How do you know if you’re unique enough? What makes you stand out? How do you market yourself so that your ideal customers choose you and not your competitors? These are some of the questions we answer today with the help of our awesome guest Belinda Weaver. Belinda is a copywriter who helps people who […]

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What To Do About Your Unsubscribe Rate

What to do if you have a high unsubscribe rate

What do you do if you have a high unsubscribe rate? What is a high unsubscribe rate, and does it even matter? Or should we simply focus on addressing any spikes in unsubscribers instead? We hear so many people telling us they put in a lot of work to build their list just to see their […]

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Waiting 3 Years To Create Our Brand

Why We Waited 3 Years Before Creating a Brand

Why did we wait three years to create a brand? Shouldn’t that be the first thing you do when you start a business? Probably not! It’s not what we did, and there are valid reasons for that. Because for years, we proved again and again that we could sell our product – even if it […]

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Viral List Growth With Giveaways

Viral List Growth Using Giveaways With Derek Videll

Can giveaways help you grow your list? What prize should you choose for your contest and how do you make it go viral? Who do giveaways work best for, and how do you even run them? Ready to find out why giveaways are important for your email list growth and your business? Then let’s hear […]

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Do Email Marketing On Holiday

How To Do Your Email Marketing While You’re On Holiday

Are you going on holiday or taking some time off from your business? What will you do with your email marketing? Will you stop your emails? Or will you keep them going? What are your options? This is what we’re sharing today – how to do your email marketing while you’re on holiday, whether you’re […]

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How To Increase Your Prices

How to Increase Your Prices

Have you ever raised your prices and found that no one was rushing to buy? We’ve been there and done that. And that’s why this week we’re sharing how to increase your prices the right way by telling your audience in advance and creating urgency that will boost your sales. No matter what you sell […]

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9 Lessons From Inbox

9 Lessons from The Inbox Online Email Marketing Conference

This week we’re sharing 9 amazing lessons we’ve learnt from two years of running Inbox – our awesome online email marketing conference. It’s a phenomenal event, and we promise this year it’s going to be absolutely next level! To prove that it’s true, we’ve pulled out 9 tips we learnt from some of our amazing […]

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Why Attend Inbox 2023

Why You Should Attend Inbox 2022

Why should you attend Inbox? Because it’s the email marketing conference of 2022 (even if we say so ourselves). Inbox is the online conference that helps you sell more of everything you’re doing by using email marketing. It’s on the 28th and 29th of June 2022, and we’re going to show you how to get […]

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Think Twice About Consumption Emails

Why You Might Want to Think Twice About Consumption Emails

How do you encourage your audience to consume your content? Whether it’s a free download or a paid course or a membership, how do you use your emails to inspire your subscribers or customers to use the amazing content they now have access to? Today we’re covering content consumption by sharing an exclusive panel discussion […]

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Reasons People Don't Buy

3 Subconscious Questions That Stop People From Buying

When you think about your prospective customers, what are their reasons for not buying from you? You’ve got this amazing product or service that’s going to fix all their problems and make their life better. So why aren’t they running to get their credit card details and buy right now?  Well, there are probably a […]

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How To Do Ethical Deadlines

How to Do Deadlines Well and Ethically

So you want to use deadlines in your marketing. You want to close your offers on a particular date and time and, more than anything, make sure they work. In other words, you want to use deadlines effectively. But you also want to do it genuinely and honestly. This is no doubt one of those […]

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Get Your Email Marketing Done

How to Stop Putting off Your Email Marketing and Get It Done

Can’t stop procrastinating when it comes to email marketing? Then you want to find out the exact 4 steps we recommend to help you stop putting off your email marketing once and for all and actually get it done. You seriously don’t want to miss this. (Plus, we have something really exciting coming up!) SOME […]

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Know What's Working

Two Things to Start Collecting So You Know What’s Working in Your Marketing

Do you ever find yourself making important business decisions based on a hunch? Would you like to know how you can improve the success rate of email marketing (and your marketing in general) by looking at data and not relying on a gut feeling? Are you curious to finally get a clear idea of what […]

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5 Questions From Our Group Coaching Calls

5 Questions About Email Marketing From Our Group Coaching Calls

Want to find out what we get asked inside our exclusive, members-only group coaching calls? This week we’re taking behind the scenes of the coaching calls we do inside our membership, The League. We’re going to not only share the questions about email marketing that our members ask us, but also the exact answers we […]

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Write Emails Using Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Write Emails Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Does Artificial Intelligence have a place in email marketing? Can you use AI tools to outsource your email writing? These are some of the questions we’re answering for you today after testing a few AI tools. Curious to learn what we found? SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:12) Want to get more sales from your email marketing? […]

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