The Email Marketing Show

We're not going to say it's the best marketing podcast or even the best email marketing podcast – but The Email Marketing Show is two guys hanging out, being real, being funny and sharing practical email marketing tips.

It's a weekly show where we put common marketing wisdom to the test and ask whether what we've been taught is really true in the real world where it matters. Y'know, making sales.

We've had complaints that it's too entertaining, yes a 1-star review saying it's too much fun. I shit you not.

But there's loads of safe, boring, sensible marketing podcasts around so if people want to feel like they're hanging out with two friends while they talk about the one thing that makes more money than anything else (email marketing) then it's the show for you.

Every ‘Email Marketing Wednesday' as we call it, we drop a new podcast episode onto all the usual podcast players and upload it here to our blog, along with a full, properly written article for those who prefer to read and learn this stuff.

All lovely and free, every week.

We talk about email marketing, the psychology behind it, campaigns, tips and tricks specifically for online course creators, coaches, membership site owners and experts. Basically, if you sell your expertise, we're talking about it.

You can listen to The Email Marketing Show podcast right from this blog, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and pretty much anywhere else you find podcasts.

Also make sure you share your questions and ideas in The Email Marketing Show Facebook Community.

A Totally Unbiased Email Marketing Show

Many podcasts on marketing, digital marketing and email marketing are hosted (or sponsored) by an email marketing service. We aren't one. So we can openly talk about what works without having to worry about whether a particular system is capable. None of the platforms are perfect and they all have things they're good at too.

Sell More Of Your Courses With Psychology Based Email Marketing

This isn't a marketing podcast about technical email marketing design. We've got no experience or interest in that. Instead, this is for small businesses who are course creators, experts, coaches and membership site owners who want to make more sales with simple, effective email marketing.

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