Affiliate Partner Terms, Agreement and Rules

By participating in any Email Marketing Heroes or Tiapos LTD (the Company) related promotions you (The Affiliate) agree to the following Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to or understand any of the terms of this agreement then please do not sign up or participate in promotions for Email Marketing Heroes or Tiapos at all.

We call you Affiliate Partners because we see you as working together for a common goal of serving costumes with products and services that will genuinely help them and rewarding you for sharing our solutions in doing that. We are committed to doing this with integrity, honesty and transparency at all times. As an Affiliate for our products and services we expect you to uphold our same high standards and always being legally compliant, moral and ethical in all communications and promotions about our products and services.

Affiliates are eligible to payouts at the pre-agreed percentage of sales on all sales over the $100 minimum payout threshold that have cleared the product/service’s refund/guarantee period, whichever is longer.

Payments will be made via PayPal each Wednesday for all payments falling due within the parameters above.


All affiliates and partners must be aged 18 years or older. We reserve the unconditional right to refuse or terminate any Affiliate without reason or notice.

The Affiliate must act legally and ethically at all times, inline with the roles of the Federal Trade Commission (FDC, USA) and Advertising Standards Agency (UK). 

Failure to comply with these regulations will result in immediate termination of the Affiliate agreement, closure of the Affiliate account and will forfeit any and all due monies.

Affiliates may not promote our products and services on websites or other properties which:

  • Contain, endorse or promote links to sexually explicit material.
  • Contain, endorse or promote links to discriminatory content regarding, but not limited to, race, religeon, gender, disabilities, sexual orientation or age.
  • Contain, endorse or promote links to illegal materials, activities or that violates another’s intellectual property or copyright. 
  • Impersonates our company or could in any way mislead people.
  • Contain, endorse or promote links to any content that defames or slanders our company.
  • Use spam or bots to generate backlinks, messages or posts on any platform or property or generate ‘leads’.

It is not permitted for Affiliates to offer cash rebates to customers.


It is forbidden to promote any of our offers using spam, unsolicited email, unsolicited physical mail, or by linking from Facebook groups, social media comments, Instagram comments.

Promotions to our materials should only be made on the Affiliate’s owned platforms and/or in groups/places where they are the admin of the profile or group.

Promotions falling fowl of this are against these terms of the agreement, are actively discouraged and will result in the closure of the affiliate’s account, forfeiting all outstanding commissions, prizes, contests and a ban from all future affiliate promotions.


By promoting our products and services as an Affiliate Partner under any scheme all affiliate partners are independent businesses and are not in any way creating any kind of legal relationship, including but not restricted to a partnership, joint venture, agency or employment. You are an independent business and as such are solely responsible and liable for your own taxes, insurances and fees including federal, local and self-employment. Under no circumstances will Tiapos Limited be held responsible for any actions or results of an Affiliate.


Payments are made for all eligible amounts each Wednesday for all amounts that have cleared 30 days or the refund guarantee period – whichever is longer.


Each business is different and unique so while all attempts to supply the most effective materials possible, we cannot guarantee results.


Commissions are paid on sales tracked through our Affiliate platform, ThriveCart. Affiliates are responsible for ensuring the correct links are used and tested before promoting.


Affiliates should, in accordance to the law, clearly disclose their affiliation with the products and offers when promoting and state that they will be compensated for promoting and/or sales made through their link.


The Affiliate absolves the Company and the associated individuals of all and any liabilities, all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney fees) which Affiliate may be subject to or incur associated with the promotion, sale, delivery and outcomes of the products and services..


Tiapos and Email Marketing Heroes reserve the right to terminate the affiliate relationship at any time without notice for any reason.

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